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CreCon is an industrial consortium under CELCORR aiming at providing continuous support to industries on climatic reliability issues. Prospective consortium memebers are companies who wish to get support in on reliability issues of their products at various levels. CELCORR group through CreCon consortium provides reliability support to a number of industries through research, product support, testing, advice, net-working, unique laboratory facilities, skills development, education, and a member only datat base website providing information on all aspects of climatic reliability. Participation of companies in the consortium is through an yearly modest membership fee, while the return on the investment is many times higher than the membership fee. 

Electronic control systems are used in all sorts of modern technological devices be it outside or indoors. Uncontrolled local climate inside the enclosures for these systems cause several humidity related failures on the Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) placed inside. Moreover, the designs of the enclosure for these systems are often based on experience gained over the years in the producing companies, rather than systematic, scientific knowledge. The main bottle neck for the industries to brake this trend and develop a more knowledge based design is the lack of dedicated modelling tools, which support the search for optimal designs and humidity control solutions.The aim of this project is to build a modelling approach based on empirical data for electronic enclosure design for improving climatic reliability of electronic devices.

The effect of exposed climatic conditions on the functioning electronic device is a serious threat today due to a number of factors among which a key aspect is that the device enclosures are not strictly designed today to minimize the effect of the exterior climate (especially humidity and gases) on the interior parts of the device. Temperature variation is unavoidable to a great extent, while the uncontrolled humidity synergistically with temperature variation is more problematic. The IN SPE project aims to develop an industrial level methodology for “Enclosure design for electronic devices” for improving its climatic reliability.

Present day low power electrical contacts systems are based on the heavy use of costly gold coatings. The multi-layered contact systems are typically made on a substrate with a layer of Nickel followed by a layer of Gold with thickness depending on the application and exposure conditions. Main issues with the reliability of electrical contacts are the corrosion and wear, which limits the freedom to reduce the gold layer thickness. The goal of the HIPEC project is to develop electrical contact systems without the use of gold, while providing good corrosion and tribological performance.

All interested companies can become part of the CreCon as a consortium member, which allow them to closely dictate consortium activities to their needs.
The benefits from consortium membership far exceeds the fee for the consortium membership.
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